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Play soccer for real with Google Cardboard !.
Use your phone to score physically accurate soccer headers.

Hit the ball with the right timing, and give the ball power and direction with your head / phone movement.

You can play VR Soccer Header using your phone only, without Virtual Reality glasses. The no – VR mode uses the phone gyroscope to track your movements and hit the ball like a real header.

It´s a great virtual reality experience. No tutorial, text or buttons. Just head the ball towards the goal.

The only game control that you need is your own head.

Turn on / off the virtual reality mode with a screen touch.

The closest experience to a real football header, in virtual reality.

Supports any Google Cardboard Virtual Reality device.

About Google Cardboard :
Cardboard is a low­-cost, easy-­to-­get virtual reality viewer for your phone. Learn more about Google Cardboard at


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